5MW Founder & Chairman


Founder & Chairman

Mrs. Sasikala, hailed from a conservative family from kabisthalam, kumbakonam of Tamilnadu. Like every other girl in the society, she was held back in home but being a strong lady, she made a bold move towards her dream and became a successful entrepreneur.

Mrs. Sasikala, women who has no limits, started sailing a boat on her multilevel skills in the various fields and create a remarkable standard in various fields were as educational training, creating entrepreneurs, sports development, last but not the least preaching awareness about self-hygiene and climatic change etc. Now, she became the captain of her own ship, she achieved many awards and honors and one of it is the “Best Women Entrepreneur” on January 5, 2020.

She played a role as President in Lions club since 2004. Her passionate dedication to promote women stable entrepreneurs and to spread awareness for the nature to nurture. Her dream is to empower women and to create n number of stable women entrepreneurs and their wellness.

As a Founder of 5 Million Women Organization, Her ultimate theme is to empower women by developing a stable women entrepreneurs and the foremost one is to spread awareness about the Climate change. Here, various business or courses will be held to students for their future career, it will train them to become a successful entrepreneur in their life.

Being a socialist, she supports kids in juvenile detention center for their future well life by providing counselling, educating basics knowledge, training them in skillful work, helping their families etc., and so far 500 schools and colleges had been educated about self-awareness and hygiene and also she conducted Menstrual Hygiene Management classes.

She supports many women to become a stable entrepreneurs and help them by promoting their products, providing loans with the help of government. Each may get up to 5lakhs, but the responsibility to run their business in their field for 4 years belongs to them, because every business needed to be stable with in a period, taking those products to market or selling zone with the sources of 5 Million Women hubs, etc.

Her current vision is to create enormous stable women entrepreneurs and through by them, she been planning to provide awareness program for schools and colleges.


We are proud to be partner with corporations who are ready that share our commitment to engendering a better world for women. We are grateful to our partners for their tremendous support and contributions. We extend our thanks to our following partners for giving their infinite support to reach the success of 5 Million Women.

  • INTERNATIONAL WOMEN FEDERATION – The association for women empowerment all over the globe, has created the Village Awareness Campaign, Parent Counseling Program, and School Child Protection Event for promoting the importance of girl child education and prevent the child abuse.
  • D’ SAKI SPORTS KENDRA – The organizer of SAKI KABADDI SERIES, an initiative to make a secured platform for the young women to showcase their talent in our most traditional brave game kabaddi.
  • TAMIL WOMEN SOCIETY – The NGO for improving the economic status of an individual woman in the society by providing vocational training programs and business training programs.
  • D’SAKI EMPOWERMENT AND WELLNESS PVT LTD – The Company that provides women healthcare products and women health awareness programs.