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Child Abuse Prevention Program

The National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) recognizes that to protect children from abuse, prevention services must address individuals, families and the community. The local prevention programs of the NCAC reach out to almost 10,000 people in Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama each year. These programs offer a range of services to parents, children, schools and a variety of individuals and organizations throughout our community. We all want to have a safe, healthy, and happy community.

We CAN protect our children, stop abuse, and build a strong and prosperous future for our community. It&rsquos possible and it&rsquos happening.

When children are little and parents are responsible for their every need, it is overwhelming.

When children are school age and parents aren&rsquot always there to supervise, children are vulnerable.

When children become teenagers and don&rsquot think before they act, there are unforeseen consequences.