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Girl Child Education Awarness Program

Our culture and traditions teach us to revere a woman as a goddess, yet our society does not ensure safe existence to a woman in her journey from the womb to the tomb. A girl-child is denied the right to live.

Hence, Akal Academy Kajri Niranjanpur organized Girl Child Education Awareness Campaign under the Community Development programme 2014, a well organized team of teachers and students of the school took up the cause in a meticulous manner to make an impact onto the villagers.

The execution of the campaign was planned by conducting nukkad nataks (street plays) and awareness rally. The students, teachers and parents of children in the school took part in the rally, shouting slogans and carrying supportive banners.

Students staged a street play ‘Pad likh sawarenge sapne’ (We will fulfill our dreams through education) to generate awareness about education for girls. Teachers also visited the homes of the villagers to discuss and convince parents to send their daughters to school.

As a result of the campaign people have realized the significance of girl child education. Parents have begun enrolling their daughters in the school as well. The school has succeeded to a great extent in changing the mindset of the village towards girl education.