From the Founders Desk

Dear Volunteers and Valued Guests,

I am immensely happy to extend you all a hearty welcome to visit us online. 5MW has crossed its hurdles and barriers to reach its milestone. The success of 5MW is equally shared with you with great joy and fullest hope. With the richest experience it has attained in the long path so far, we do hope to carry the things forward with the learning’s blended with new innovations and quality delivery of services to the public.

On behalf of 5MW and on my personal behalf, I would like to express my full-hearted thanks and gratitude to all those who have extended their financial, programmatic, organizational and technical guidance to us in the due course of time. Our thanks are due to our individual sponsors, corporate donors and our funders.

We also thank the support and co-operation from all the government & non-government officials in all the Districts of Tamilnadu, local elected representatives, co-working friends, consultants, auditors, lawyers, media friends, well wishers, volunteers in the public and people in the local areas who extend their absolute co-operation and support in implementing all our programmes successfully and diligently with fullest people's participation.

By combined together we have achieved many revolutionary changes in all the sections of the society. Thanks for all the co-operation in the past and do expect the same in the future too with great affinity and support. With you reposing your faith in us, we are sure to achieve what we set out to do in the making of progressive changes in the society.

Socially Yours,
Founder, 5 Million Women.

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