The knowledge about the lawful rights of women is the most significant characteristic of gender equality. This would help women to vocalize their mistreatment at diverse places and will also operate as an instrument for their fight for impartiality. The inability to access to the legal system makes women vulnerable. This can be resolved through developing awareness of women’s rights.

  • To develop awareness among women about their rights, safeguard given to them by constitution, and by various regulations and rules

  • To inform women from urban and rural areas concerning their constitutional rights and civil privileges so that they can fight against inequalities.

  • To educate women for their self-sufficiency so that they cannot be disadvantaged from their authorized rights

  • To empower women with knowledge of various steps to wrestle for violence against them.


Most people would agree child abuse is a heartbreaking issue, yet many believe it’s not something that could happen to anyone they know or love. On the contrary, child abuse happens everywhere — in all types of homes, families, neighborhoods, schools, churches, and communities. No population, culture, or socioeconomic group is immune. Child abuse is likely present somewhere in your very own network.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. We strongly believe that spreading awareness of the realities of child abuse by displaying a pinwheel in your workplace, organization, or community is the key to abort Child Abuse. The more we talk about and spread awareness regarding the realities of child abuse, the closer we come to ending it.


To promote the rights of children especially girls and mobilize them for development and participation through Research, Education and Action oriented programs’ directed towards their empowerment.