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Why we

Empower Women?

Because we believe that when women and girls have an equal opportunity to learn, grow and connect with others, they will be able to realize their fullest economic potential. Because your voice matters and every idea counts. By working together, we can help build a better world for all.

About Us

We are group of women striving positively to caliber a better planet for the present and the future generations.

A women delivers multiple roles every single day, they are undoubtedly the backbone of any society. She transforms herself as an adorable daughter, solicitous mother, benign wife and a competent colleague, it doesn’t end here. She transmutes into various other roles seamlessly.

Though the significance of the woman is discernible, she remains as the most ignorant snippet of the society. This ignorance has been the major reason for the women’s crests of pitfalls like inequality, despotism, monetary dependability and many more.

Hence, we have taken a path to restore the rightful and dignified status of a woman by initiating a movement “5million Women”. We design and present Women empowerment programs that provide a solid foundation to nurture the inner strength, creativity and self-esteem of women from all walks of life. With this base well established, women are now able to go out into the world, prepared to handle any challenge with skills, confidence and grace. They come to the forefront, where they become agents of peace and positive social change for themselves, their families, other women and their society.

About the Founder:


Sasikala, the founder of 5 Million women, has over nineteen years of hands on experience in development of women and social development with specialization in vocational training and women’s transition, since August 2017. Our MD excels as a visionary and strategic planner in leading, directing and executing the programs that she builds for women forums. Her ability to incorporate advanced technologies into unmanned systems quickly and effectively transition them into operational systems is the hallmark of her business base.

Prior to creating the 5Million Women, She started D’Saki Empowerment and Wellness Pvt.Ltd. which majorly concentrates on Women Development and manufactures women hygiene products that kindled her thoughts to take DEW to the next level that would engender a safe and healthy future for women.

She also has long fostered Assure Academy which offers hands-on experience and professional opportunities for students at traditionally large universities and historically renowned colleges and universities.

Assure has launched and conducted many skill development programs in association with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana [PMKVY] team. The vocational training conducted by Assure has changed 100s of women life in a positive way. The skill development programs where done under many categories like Cell phone servicing, Beauty Parlor start ups, and Painting and Art programs. This was warmly welcomed by the neighbors and participants that provoked Sasikala to remodel Assure and program it as 5MW for the present generation. The quench for women’s development helped Sasikala to design 5Million women, We Empower Women Together.

This campaign focuses on the holistic approach of developing and upbringing the women of our society who remains un-noticed and who is in need of a supporting hand and we being the ray of hope, 5MW stand by you. 5million Women is just the appropriate name for this campaign as the team is huge and also because 5MW works for the betterment of our society and conducts various programs to make the society a eco-friendly place and works on reducing the carbon foot prints to create a better green world for our future generation. This is not all; 5MW has one of the major aim to improve and maintaining the Rain Water Harvesting and level it up to the next stage teaming up with Jal Shakthi.

Our Vission

We believe there is no limit to what we as woman can accomplish, hence we want to engender a world of strong and sustainable women where she can make her own decision.

Our Mission

Is to Educate and empower women to achieve their full economic potential. Nurture them to be the change makers. We equip them with resources, opportunity to learn and share experiences.


The main streams of our 5million Women are to majorly build a green world and sow the seeds of awareness to our friends and sisters of our neighbor hood. The 5 in 5 million unites and Stands for U-STAR

Our Valuable


World Women Federation

The association for women empowerment all over the globe, has created the Village Awareness Campaign, Parent Counseling Program, School Child Protection Event for promoting the importance of girl child education and prevent the child abuse.

DSK Sports

The organizer of SAKI KABADDI SERIES, an initiative to make a secured platform for the young women to showcase their talent in our most traditional brave game kabaddi.

Tamil Women Society

The NGO for improving the economical status of an individual woman in the society by providing vocational training programs and business training programs.

D’Saki Empowerment And Wellness Pvt Ltd

The company that provides women healthcare products and women health awareness programs.